FlexiSPY Reviews – the Best Cell Phone Spy, or Just the Most Expensive?

As part of my look at cell phone spy software I wanted to do a review of FlexiSPY. Now bear with me, this is not just another rehash of the company website listing every feature and how it is the greatest thing ever – recommended by someone who has never used it – plenty of the other FlexiSPY reviews do that!

This is a real review – I have bought and used this product, in fact I have used all of the spy software products that I talk about on this site – see my mSPY Reviews page and Mobistealth. I have tried others but these are the ones that I can recommend based on what they can do and their reliability.

Before you buy anything make sure you look at my other two reviews (click their names above) and then read the comparison review – I think it will help you decide which is best for your needs.

For a full run down on all FlexiSpy features you can check their website here.

Visit FlexiSPY Here


Now on to my review!

Updated October 2019

In a Hurry – The Short Version?

I can fully recommend the FlexiSPY app – to certain users. It is a very reliable app and I have tested it over several years now and as you’ll know by now I don’t just recommend each and every spy app on the market.

There are times when FlexiSPY will be the best choice for your needs – times when it is the only choice – and times when it is Not the app to go for! I’ll explain ….

If you need to record voice calls or listen to live calls … then Flexispy is the only app on the market that can do this reliably. That is why they can charge a premium price for the FlexiSPY Extreme version. It is your Only choice.

FlexiSPY Premium version – their cheaper option without call recording – is a great program and competes well with other spy apps such as mSpy – definitely worth a look.

For Android users FlexiSPY is a good option – call recording features will work on any Rooted Android device from version 4 onwards – which is great.

For iPhone users things are not so straightforward. You see to use FlexiSPY on any Apple device it must be Jailbroken for all features to work. It needs to be installed on the target phone and to do this the iPhone will need to be Jailbroken first.

Not a big problem …. except Jailbreaking isn’t that up to date these days. You can easily Jailbreak older versions of Apple devices running operating systems up to iOS 9.2 but for the latest versions there is no Jailbreak – so you can’t use FlexiSPY until a Jailbreak becomes available.

There is a tethered Jailbreak for iOS 11.4 but it is not a good way to use FlexiSPY.

In short – FlexiSPY is ideal for Android users but of limited value to iPhone users unless they can Jailbreak their phone. They do not have a No Jailbreak version to compete with mSpy No Jailbreak – which is a pity.


  • Call recording including VOIP call recording and live call listening are only available with FlexiSPY Extreme.
  • It is a reliable spy app – and has been around for many years.
  • They have a cheaper version to compete with other apps.
  • User friendly and they have an installation service.


  • Their call recording version is more expensive than other spy software programs.
  • iPhone’s must be Jailbroken – which is not possible for the latest models right now.

spy on tablets and phones

Want some more information about this spy program – You’ll need to read on for my Full FlexiSPY Review …

FlexiSPY Reviews – the Premier Spy Software?

Catchy headline but is it the truth? This program has long been considered the top of the range solution for cell phone monitoring – and with recent changes and updates it looks set to hold on to top spot.

The spy software market is constantly changing with new products and with major developments from the existing software companies – this one continues to stay ahead of the rest in terms of features and reliability.

A few years back we witnessed the take down of StealthGenie due to a legal case in the U.S. – one of Flexispy’s biggest Flexispy software reviewscompetitors at the time.

mSpy, in reaction, have stopped providing two of their premier monitoring features – call recording and surroundings recording.

MobileSpy have made their software visible on the target phone – in an attempt to stay within U.S. legal terms. There really has been a shake up in the market and FlexiSPY look set to gain even more market share.

An important thing to remember in all of this is that the company behind FlexiSPY is not based in the United States, nor are their servers or infrastructure. This gives them a major level of protection from U.S. law and explains why the others are trying to change how they market spy software.

Although this leaves them free to market as they see fit, the onus is still on YOU the user, to keep within the laws of your country. I only recommend using any of these programs in legal ways.

The New Look FlexiSPY App

This year, they have totally revamped and upgraded their website, the monitoring Control Center (dashboard), and introduced a range of new features and pricing levels – as well as adding new products. Their Control Center is where you access the monitoring data logs and interact with the target phone / device – the new version is the most user friendly I have seen, very clean and modern – and it just works!

FlexiSPY Review image

Phone Compatibility

Like the others, they strive to release updates to match the latest operating systems. I keep this section regularly updated – at the moment you can use it to monitor phones and devices using the following versions:

  • Android   from version 4 upwards
  • iPhone / iPad   up to version 9.2 and up to 11.4 with a tethered Jailbreak

As mentioned this can be a problem for anyone wanting to spy on an iPhone running the latest operating systems. I do not recommend using FlexiSPY with a tethered Jailbreak – this means that if the phone is updated or powered down at any time, the Jailbreak will be removed and FlexiSPY will stop working until you repeat the Jailbreak and installation.

Monitoring Features

The major programs overlap quite a bit on the spying features they offer, they simply package them differently and offer various pricing structures for the services. With the recent changes mentioned above, FlexiSPY now offer the most advanced set of features – bar none. You can also buy for shorter term contracts – 1, 3 and 12 months – cheaper to try out now!

You get all the usual spy features such as : text, email, websites visited, photos, videos, call logs, contacts, bookmarks and GPRS Tracking – all now seen as standard with all these programs.

They have two main packages – FlexiSPY Extreme and FlexiSPY Premium. The Extreme version comes with Live Call Listening, Call Recording, Surroundings Recording, and Remote Spy Camera. All of the other features are available with the Premium version.

As things stand today, if you want to listen to or record actual voice calls – FlexiSPY is your only option. Let’s look at some of the main features available:

features of flexi-spy

What is Call Interception with FlexiSPY?

You can listen in to live phone calls using the Extreme version of the software. If this is what you really need then this is the only software package for you, full stop. This is why their Extreme package is relatively expensive.

It is important to understand how this works and to be aware that it is not compatible with all phones and carriers – CDMA networks and dual sim phones are not supported. They do have a 10 day refund policy, so if call listening doesn’t work you can downgrade your subscription or get a refund.

It now works for the iPhone and the iPad but they must be Jailbroken.

How It Works

You can nominate specific target phone numbers and receive an alert by text or email when a call is taking place. Then you can make a secret call to the monitored phone (from your own cell phone) and listen to the conversation – live.

The feature works by silently adding you to a conference call. It needs the target phone carrier to be compatible with 3 way calling – some are and some are not.

This is a very powerful feature, but for most people I think it is not really necessary. Some business users can get a lot out of this feature, but for monitoring your kids it is a bit extreme in my opinion.

Call Recording

A much more useful feature in my opinion. This works on most phones and carriers as long as there is a decent connection. I have used this with no problems – the recorded calls are saved in the control center and can be downloaded to your PC phone or device. You can also change the settings and select which calls to record – all, or selected numbers only.

You can also trigger the target phone/device microphone to record surroundings, like a remote bugging device.

Monitoring Chat Messengers and Social Sites

Here, FlexiSpy have made great progress and have the most comprehensive list of sites and apps you can monitor. Here are the main ones available now :

FaceBook, FaceBook Messenger, Line,WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WeChat, SnapChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger and Pin, and iMessage. Note that Android phones need to be Rooted for IM monitoring.

They keep adding new ones regularly so check their website for the latest list.

FlexiSpy Password Cracker

This can be bought separately but comes free with Flexispy Extreme. It works like a keylogger – once you have the software installed, the password cracker will report all passwords / pin numbers entered – for the phone itself, social and messenger sites, as well as websites and email. Definitely another unique tool!

Advanced Location Tracking

You get real-time data of where the device is at any given time plus it stores the historical data – showing on a map exactly where the phone has been over a period of time. Using the Alerts system you can set Geo-location boundaries or areas and receive an alert when the phone enters or leaves a specific area. Great for tracking kids movements and warning you.

The Alerts System also allows you to set certain trigger keywords or phone numbers – then you will get a notification if these are detected in SMS texts or emails.

The FlexiSPY Control Center

This interface has been totally re-developed this year and is pretty amazing. Everything is very well laid out and easy to use. You get a lot of control over the app –

  • Setting alerts and notifications
  • Sim change notification
  • View installed programs
  • Remotely Uninstall the software
  • Update the software without further access to the device
  • Renew Subscription

All this and a few others can be controlled from within the online control center – without any further physical access to the target device. It is the heart of the system where all the logs and reports can be viewed – from your PC or even your phone / device.Flexispy dashboard screenshot


FlexiSPY have a few tools to help you keep things well hidden. They have tools to hide the Cydia App for Jailbroken iPhones and the Superuser Icon for Rooted Android. There is no sign of the software on the device – it does not appear in the application list or task manager. It is installed under a changing, non descript name – no Flexispy icons!

They go even further – it will not be flagged by the major virus software apps and it will not be found by task killer programs. It is definitely the most secure product available right now.

Service and Support?

They have always scored highly for their service and support. Many complaints you read in forums about cell phone monitoring software are about the lack of response to problems users have. You are unlikely to find many valid complaints about their support.

They also give no questions asked refunds if you are not satisfied – within 10 days.

The main website has just had a complete revamp, and it works well – much nicer looking but more importantly, better organized and easy to navigate. They have good information resources on their website – even a video section and have 24 hour support via live web chat and email ticket system.

Their support is open 6 days a week 24 hours a day – not on Sundays.

Help for installation – this is something that many people struggle with and they now have an installation wizard to guide you through installation – FlexiSpy software is without doubt the easiest to install for someone trying it for the first time.

Installation Service – for a small fee they can now Jailbreak or Root your device and fully set up the Flexispy software, making it really easy for first time users.

They have identified one of the major problems of the spy software industry and lead the way in addressing it – good support. Is it worth the premium price to you?

FlexiSpy Prices 2019

This section is updated regularly. As I said they keep their pricing pretty simple. They now offer short term licenses – Remember, they have a 10 refund policy as well.

  • Flexispy Extreme    –   $199 for 3 months  or  $349 for 12 months (+free Password Cracker).
  • Flexispy Premium   –   $68 for 1 month,  $99 for 3 months  and $149 for 12 months.

There are no further sales taxes or VAT added to your bill. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Wire transfer or PayPal. (Paying by Paypal you get a 10% discount but with no refund policy.)

Value for Money?

With the demise of StealthGenie, and the changing of services from mSpy and Mobilespy, FlexiSpy Extreme really stands out on its own. No other providers offer these monitoring features – simple. It is pricey at $349 but if you need advanced features that actually work, this is your only option.

The Premium version offers better value for money and competes well with the competition on features and price. Remember, you will be comparing this to the top price products from the other providers – like for like.


You can read more or buy Flexispy through this link ….. Click Here!


My Conclusion – for What It’s Worth

Things have changed in the spy software market. At this time FlexiSPY is the ONLY legitimate company to offer the advanced features – Live Call Intercept, Call Recording, Surroundings Recording and Remote Camera. If you feel you must have any of these options, quite simply this is the only software that can do it.

If you are looking to monitor a cell phone for a short period of time and the basic reporting features are all you need then FlexiSPY probably isn’t the best option for you.

You could consider one of the other programs – mSpy or MobiStealth. Their features compete with the cheaper version and they offer short term contracts – worth considering.

Where FlexiSPY also stand out is their design and ease of installation and use, and their support. They have led the way with top support for quite a while. The information on their site is second to none, and when you really need help you can get someone quickly.


Here I’ve added a list of the most frequently asked questions about FlexiSPY. I’ve been writing and updating this FlexiSPY reviews page for many years now and during that time I have received many questions in the comments and from direct emails.

You can scan through the comments at the bottom – but here you’ll find the answers to the most common questions – hopefully it will save you some time.

Can FlexiSPY be seen on the target phone?

It is definitely the best hidden spy app that I have tested. It is usually quite difficult to find the popular spy software apps on any cell phone as they have improved how they hide them. But Flexispy go the extra mile.

Does it work on all cell phones?

It works on all versions of Android – for the call recording and some advanced features the Android will need to be rooted.

For Apple devices including the iPhone you must be able to Jailbreak the device you want to spy on. The latest versions of Apple iOS cannot be Jailbroken at this time.

Do I need an internet connection on the target device?

Yes some sort of internet connection is required – either a dedicated data plan or just Wi-Fi access will do. It only works on Smartphones.

Will It work in any country?

Yes – anywhere in the world with an internet connection. They also have many different language options for viewing their website.

Will FlexiSPY show on the credit card bill?

No don’t worry the bill will not show any reference to FlexiSPY.

Can I use it on more than one phone?

You can monitor one phone per license at a time. You can purchase multiple licenses and monitor them from one dashboard. You can also change the target phone to be monitored at any time – as long as you remove the original device first.

Can FlexiSpy be installed remotely?

No – physical access to the phone you want to monitor is needed … always!

Can it be removed without having physical access to the phone?

Yes you can uninstall Flexi Spy from the user dashboard – no need to have the target phone again. Very handy feature!

Will Call Recording work on my phone?reviews image

The call recording works on Rooted Android devices and Jailbroken iPhones etc. I have tested it extensively on an Android and found it works very well.

Can FlexiSPY record calls made on WhatsApp and Facebook?

Yes if your phone is compatible it can record VOIP calls made from most messenger apps. FlexiSPY is the only spy app that offers any call recording …. that is why it is such a popular spy app!

Have they a No Jailbreak version of the FlexiSPY app?

No unfortunately they do not. For this type of monitoring I would recommend mSpy.

Do they help with installing FlexiSPY?

Yes they have a complete service – they can set up a remote contact using a PC or laptop and a tech support person will Jailbreak or Root and then install and setup FlexiSPY for you. This is a great addition for anyone not too confidant with technology.

What support is available if I need help?

I have found their support to be excellent – very helpful when I needed to ask anything. They have live chat and email support. They are one of the best at support issues.

I hope this list of common questions will help you and be sure to check the FlexiSpy website – they have lots of good resources and information about setting up the app and getting the most out of it.

If you have a question that hasn’t been covered here – just ask in the comments below.

Now the decision is yours – you need to think about what you need to monitor and how much you want to spend.

Thanks for reading!

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134 thoughts on “FlexiSPY Reviews – the Best Cell Phone Spy, or Just the Most Expensive?”

    • No – at this time they do not offer a No Jailbreak service – only the full version software. Good luck.

  1. Hi michael, thanks for your help and review, I am new to this, so bear with me please, my question is, to monitor whattsapp messages and bbm on an android target phone, do I have to root the target phone before installing flexispy? Thanks.

  2. Hi Mike I have a question about the phone recordings. Let’s just say the target is using a free call app to make calls to avoid creating call logs, will Flexispy still be able to record these conversations as well?

  3. Hi I’m thinking of buying flexispy for an android phone. However I don’t want to root it. Will all of the features still work? I mainly want to monitor emails, texts, calls, and most importantly browser history. Thanks in advance

    • Rooting is only required for call recording and monitoring messenger and social apps. The features you mention will still work. Consider using their installation service if you need help with rooting.

  4. Hi Michael

    if the target phone is locked can the install be performed by the Flexi-spy Tech team and if so how long does it take to install?



    • You will need to be able to unlock the phone if it is password protected. Allow about 15 minutes for assisted installation.

  5. Hi. I’m thinking of putting Flexispy on an Android phone. I do not want to root the phone. The main things I want to be able to do are checking location, seeing call log and reading text messages. It is also important that the app be completely hidden. Will I be able to do these things if I do not root the phone?

  6. Hello Michael,

    Can this program be detected by Lookout app on Android phones? Or will this program need to be disabled before installation?

    • Anti virus programs are not reliable at picking up spy software apps. The programs keep changing and avoid detection. Don’t think that if nothing shows up you are safe.

    • They have an installation service – which requires you to connect the phone to a computer and allows them to proceed with installation and rooting/jailbreaking. It isn’t “remote” installation like some scam programs claim. It is a great service if you are not technically confident.

  7. Michael,
    Your wealth of knowledge is amazing, thank you for helping novice people as myself. Since rooting my android isn’t an option, does extreme version reveal key strokes so I can see what was typed in Facebook messenger for example?

    • You pay for a single license but it can be transferred to another device (but only monitor one at a time). Hope that makes sense.

  8. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for sharing your wealth of information. Does Flexispy…or perhaps a different program….allow the user to 1) delete texts…2) write texts as the target?
    Same question re email…though, through gaining passwords, that seems obvious.
    I recognize that you are not endorsing any activities, one way or the other…just speaking re if it is possible. Thx.

    • With these programs it is indeed possible to delete texts and even send texts as if from the user – called text spoofing. It does not work for sending emails – but as you say it is possible to gain the email account and password and use their email that way.

  9. Hi Michael ! Thanks for the review it was very interesting. I’ve got a question about the purchasing process which I’m a tad confused about.
    If I bought the software using my phone ( I don’t own a pc ) how would I then transfer the software onto the target device ?
    I’m guessing they must send me a link via email for which I then log into my email off the target device to download ? Thank you in advance for any information, chris

    • You are pretty close – when you buy they will send an email with the download link. You simply type that link into the target phones browser and follow the download instructions. Doesn’t matter where or what device you use to buy the product.

    • When you purchase the installation service a representative will be in touch to arrange a suitable time – you need access to the phone / device and for Rooting you need to connect it to a computer or laptop. They can then root and install the software. The actual process takes maybe 10 minutes or so. It is a great help to people who are not very confident.

  10. To have flexispy root and installed on the target phone, do they have to do that with a computer? Asking because I don’t have a computer, was just going to moniter from my phone.
    Also, if they switch phones or upgrade, can u switch to that devise?
    Will flexispy show if any other hidden apps installed or used?
    Does it give you history of chrome incognito?

    • You need a PC or laptop to use their install service – you could use any computer with internet access at a pre-arranged time that suits you.
      After installation you can access the data from your phone or tablet. If they switch phones you can transfer the license but you would need to install again on the new device. It will list all apps on the phone and their usage. If Chrome is the default browser it will give you all history. Hope that helps – good questions!

    • The top spy phone apps don’t have any noticeable effect on battery life. It used to be a problem in the early days but not any more.

  11. Hello
    Just wondering if a paid subscription to Lookout Antivirus on the target phone would detect the installation of Flexibly?

    • No antivirus programs have proved reliable at finding spy software apps. It is very hit and miss with them – both free and paid programs.

  12. Want to confirm that flexispy will work on the blackberry Priv. I’m not much of a techy & would like to know if it truly is “user friendly”. I basically need it to capture & track text messages…would this be the best & most useful option?
    Thanks for all the valuable advise I’ve read already.

    • It is compatible with BlackBerry – just check that your OS version is supported on their website. It is user friendly – they also have an installation service – well worth the small extra charge if you are not confident. They can guide you through installation and setup.

  13. Hi Michael , 8
    I’ve been using Flexispy for 2 years , am basically happy , my only issue is that the location shown is often “off ” as far as the actual location .
    Everything else is amazing and works very smoothly . We had a little trouble installing it so decided to use their installation /rooting service ,it went perfect ,it was well worth the $39 to have it correctly installed . As you say it is completely hidden /undetectable .
    Had Mobile spy for 1 year until they notified it could not remain “hidden ” ! We then found Flexispy , would definitely recommend it to anyone considering to purchase .

    Do you also give reviews on vehicle tracking devices ?
    We used a tracking device several years ago to monitor our 16 year old twins which was excellent in near perfect locating of their vehicle . That company is out of business . We had “live real time internet monitoring ” which was nearly flawless .
    Can /do/would you consider giving a recommendation for vehicle trackers ?
    Both hardwired and magnetic applications .

    • Glad you like it! The tracking can be off sometimes in large buildings like malls in my experience. Might want to check the reporting frequency settings to see if it improves.
      Good idea with the vehicle trackers – I hope to do some testing of other spy type products in the future. If I ever get time!

  14. Hi Michael, I was wondering if you’ll be able to see all direct messages that were sent and received before the spyware was installed because some spy apps claim theirs can.

    • If they are saved on the phone it is possible to see them. If they have been deleted they will be gone – but going foward the new ones are captured – even if deleted after sending or receiving. Lots of claims out there so take care and stick to reliable programs with lots of users.

  15. Hi Michael,
    I am interested in buying FlexiSpy Extreme (android), for surrounding recording
    Does the phone rooting need to be performed before FlexiSpy installation or can it done even after FlexiSpy installation ?
    Thank you.

  16. hi Michael, i read you said the the target phone need to be rooted before I install the program to be able to see the whatsapp or any third party apps. so if i root the target , will they know that their phone has been rooted after that? and for live records, is it required the phone rooted as well?

    • It is easy to hide traces that the phone is rooted. If you are really unsure – their installation service will root and install the software for you and optimize everything to be well hidden. It is a good service – very popular now with new users.

  17. Hi Michael,

    So if I’m understanding correctly, the iPhone you want to monitor must be jailbroken in order to use this software?

  18. Good afternoon. Are the ambient recordings stored on the target phone as well, so that if the person with the target phone were going through their files, they could run across the recording (.amr) files that were uploaded to the flexispy site?

    • Great question – no they are uploaded to the server and not stored on the target device – no sign that they have been recorded.

  19. I have 2 questions:

    1. For how long the recorded calls stay on flexi spy server?
    2. Can I listen and download recorded calls on Iphone or do I need to have a computer ?

    • I think they stay for 30 days (you might want to re-check with them) – you could listen from an iPhone – but might need to try a couple of players to get the right audio codec. VLC player is good.

    • That feature does require Rooting for Android devices – don’t worry it is really easy! They can also do this for you with their installation service.

  20. Hi Michael
    If a call is being made or received or sms is being send or received by target phone and at that time the target phone has no internet or data connection or wifi, then will this software still record the conversation, and still keep the record of that sms? and send to my control computer later when the internet connection is back on the target device?

  21. Hi Michael , I read about remote installation of flexispy by the technical expert with an additional cost and also rooting and jail breaking remotely. Can you clarify me about these services offering by flexispy. If it is possible to install the flexispy remotely , which are the other phone monitoring software companies offering same service.

    • Great question – it does sound a little confusing. Their service involves you connecting the target phone to your PC or laptop and granting their tech support access via your PC (over the internet). They can then Jailbreak or Root and install the software. It is a “remote” install but not in the way these other companies mean. mSpy have a different service where they will guide you on the phone/chat to help with the install. Hope that clears it up – good luck.

  22. If I download this app will I be able to retrieve deleted messages and calls that took place before this program was downloaded ?

    • No – not messages before the app was installed. Anything after installation will be logged even if they are deleted after sending or receiving. Good luck and thanks for the question.

  23. Hi Michael,

    Thanks a lot for the info. I have a few additional questions (I’m looking at installing FlexiSpy Extreme on a Samsung Galaxy A3):

    1) Regarding factory reset, in the unhappy event that it is performed, will it also remove the rooting, on top of the software = would one need to root the target device again?

    2) I will add an extra memory card to the phone, I suppose the software installs itself on the device and not on the SD card? Or is it safer to first install the software, and then the memory card? (There’s always a risk that the card may be removed or changed at a later point, so better be safe than sorry…)

    3) At present time FlexiSpy technical support say they do not officially support any dual SIM devices, as they cannot guarantee that features other than the very basic ones will work. What is your experience, if any, with dual SIM devices? Particularly, call recording, surroundings listen-in, and chat (What’s App, Skype, Facebook)?

    4) Will a Skype, Facebook or Gmail Hangouts voice conversation be recorded? With both ends of the conversation?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Great questions – thanks!
      The reset would remove rooting as well as the software.
      The software is installed on the phone itself – it will read any memory card added – so no problems there.
      I have not tested with dual Sim – sorry. But several people have commented that it all works, whilst others have had problems. You would need to test it to see on your setup.
      Skype and Facebook are recorded – not Hangouts yet,
      I hope that helps – I would recommend setting up as simply as you can to test everything – then try other things when you get familiar with the program. Good luck.

  24. Hi Michael

    I’am looking at Purchasing Flexispy Extreme.
    Does call recording & remote camera work on nonrooted android (samsung galaxy alpha ) new


      • hi
        is your app works or copatable with the middle east cariers like “orange” in jordan.
        another question:if the target divice was factory rest..will flexispy rework or need physicly reinstalled .

        • It will work anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet service. The factory reset will remove all software and the program would need to be installed again – at no extra cost. Hope that helps.

  25. Once the software is installed on the target phone, will app icons shift at all? The phone user uses all their apps from the app menu instead of on their main phone screen. So, if after installing, the icons shift to a different location, they would know something is wrong.

    • Yes rooting android is required for those particular features – rooting is easy, don’t let that put you off, and they also have a service that will root your device and install the software for a small charge. You will see this offered on the Flexispy checkout page.

  26. Hello michael
    Does flexispy download the the text messages from the target phone or if the target phone deletes the message will they atill be accessible?
    Thank u for your time

    • The messages will still be monitored – and you will be able to read them – even if the user deletes messages after sending or receiving. Hope that is what you meant!

    • Flexi Spy is compatible with BlackBerry up to version 7.1. MSpy does not cover Blackberry now. Just check the version number and make sure the features you need are covered for BB devices.

  27. I’ve read on a few sites that I need a computer and an internet connection to download the app. My question is is this true? Because I can get ahold of the phone (but would only have access to 4G). Also, I wouldn’t have a computer just our phones, and maybe my iPad.

    • You don’t need a computer for installation (or viewing logs) – just internet access from the target phone. You download the files from internet directly to install on the target phone. Hope that makes sense.

  28. Does it record the passcode that’s used to get into the iphone 4? Does the Password Checker get the lock screen code to open the phone???

    • It does – as long as you have the software installed. Obviously you need to be able to access the device to install the software initially – then it will record any passwords. Remember to stay legal!

  29. Michael,
    Thanks for a pretty thorough review. I have been contemplating buying flexispy for about a month now. While I have done plenty of research I have a few questions/concerns:

    1. How long does the complete install on an iPhone take? Everything from jail breaking to getting flexispy on the target device and anything else that may be involved with this initial process? An estimate or timeframe would even be helpful

    2. Once installed on the target phone will flexispy and signs of jailbreak be 100% undetectable? I understand that the icons for Cydia can be hidden but would any traces of any spy software or jailbreak be accessible in settings or applications manager menu? This is the primary reason I haven’t bought flexispy yet. I would want it completely undiscoverable.

    3. When the subscription runs out or I decide I no longer need flexispy on the device how does the uninstall/removal work? Would I need access to the device again? Also, would there be any signs that items have been removed or would it be like it was never there?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Wow big comment and good questions.
      Installing the software itself – allow 5-10 minutes max with Flexispy (one of the easiest to install using their wizard).
      Jailbreaking – depends on the program you use and how experienced you are. I would allow 20 minutes – less if you have done it before.
      Technically you could do everything in under 10 minutes.
      Nothing is ever 100% undetectable – experts can find both the Jailbreak and the software. But .. there aren’t many experts around and this one is particularly well hidden and doesn’t show up in apps or running processes. Spy software is very rarely found – mainly because most people are not aware that they might be being monitored.
      The software can be stopped remotely and uninstalled without needing physical access to the device. You can send a command from the online dashboard – very quick and easy.
      Hope that answers your questions and thanks again – good luck.

  30. Hi looking for the best software to simply listen to surrounding sound remotely. Is flexispy the best option. Don’t need the call or text recording?

    • Right now Flexi Spy is your only option for any recording features. None of the others can do this reliably.

  31. hi michael…
    i want to ask you,can i buy the flexispy, and i want to try at my iphone before…can i move the flexispy account to the target iphone after that ?? or i must buy for 1 acc for 1 device ??

    thank you before michael..

    • Yes you can transfer the license to another device at any time. You just need to remove it from the first phone before installing in another – it is 1 license to monitor 1 phone. Good luck.

  32. If I want to install the flexi spy sofware on a dual sim card smart phone with android 4.1, will it work if the person is sending text from one sim or another?

    • It will still work – the software is on the phone itself, not any specific sim card – so will monitor the activity of the number used. Hope that makes sense!

    • For any Apple device – phone or pad, the device must be Jailbroken to install the software. The only other option is to use a service which uses the Apple ID and iCloud backup. This method doesn’t use software on the target phone and gives limited monitoring. mSpy offer this as well as traditional spy software. Hope that helps.

  33. mine is Android version 4.4.4. which spy software will be compatible? I am staying UAE whether these spy software will work here?

    • Flexispy and mSpy both work on Android 4.4.4 – it will work anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

  34. Does this spyware show the full text message or are the number of characters still limited as I have been reading in older posts? I want to make sure I can read the entire message before I purchase it. Thank you for all your information. I have been researching for days which program will be right for me. I don’t want to make a costly mistake.

    • Yes the full message can be seen – I’m not sure where you heard otherwise, but I can assure you all of the messages are visible – no character limits. Thanks for your question and good luck.

  35. The only reason I’m interested in flexispy is because of the recording feature. Will the recording feature work on any no name brand smartphone from China?

    • As long as it has an internet connection and runs a compatible operating system – the actual phone brand doesn’t matter, just the OS version is important.

  36. Another query please.
    Can I log into and see and control logs from my android phone, where I am unable to access laptop/desktop?
    Thanks. Please respond.

    • Yes you can view all the logs from a cell phone with internet – they recommend using a PC or laptop for sending any of the control options, but just viewing the logs etc. works fine.

    • Yes – it will work with windows and Mac – any operating system will do as everything is done via internet. No software is downloaded to the PC.

  37. Hi do I have to have access to the target phone itself to download flexspy on or can it all be done without me actually having to have the target phone in hand

    • You must have the target phone physically in your possession – the software is downloaded via the internet directly on to the device you want to monitor.

  38. can I install flexispy on my employees new iPhone 6 plus I bought him for work purposes?

    I know I cant jailbreak it due to void in warranty if I do so I hope jail breaking is not needed for the iPhone 6 plus.

    • Jailbreaking is necessary to install the software – unless you try the limited features of monitoring through the iCloud backup (see mSpy review about that). Your warranty is only possibly voided if you bring the device back to Apple with the Jailbreak applied. In the event of needing to do this for any reason you can easily remove the Jailbreak – the easiest way is to update the iOS through iTunes. Jailbreaking is very easy to reverse/remove.

    • Yes – only a few of the advanced features require Rooting for Android devices. Most features will work without Rooting and the app is still hidden. Thanks for your question.

  39. How does the software fare with respect to Data Usage on the target device and the target device is in another country.. Does it consume a significant amount of data? doe you have any statistics on this? the concern I have is that if it consumes a large amount of data that it may raise suspicions that something is not right with the phone!

    • Data use is not usually a problem these days. Old systems used to have problems but all data is now transferred in packets via the web – also gets around any international transfers. With Flexispy you can also set the interval at which data is transferred – to minimize data. The only case where I have heard of any issues was with the transfer of lots of videos or high res. images. Hope that helps.

  40. Hi can you monitor someone phone if they have this installed in the phone but change their sim card?
    Do u need a sim card in the phone to install this into the phone?

    • The software is installed on to the target phone itself – not the sim card. If they change the card, you will still be able to monitor it. You can install on a phone with no sim card, and when a card is added, monitoring will begin. Hope that helps.

    • It will not work on a phone with no internet capability. Older non-smart phones are safe from this type of monitoring app.

  41. Hi Michael,
    I am getting ready to purchase Flexispy & was wondering about the root process (android). Is a backup supposed to be done before or after rooting?
    Thanks, Karen

    • You should backup the phone/device before Rooting. It is only as a precaution in case anything should go wrong during the Rooting process – that way you can easily restore any backup and not lose any data such as your contacts etc. It is not necessary, but highly recommended.

  42. Hi Michael, I want to know if we can use two spy softwares namely mspy and flexispy simultaneously on the target phone. Will they hamper each other’s performance. Basically my target phone is unrooted and its Sony Xperia Z1. I need the keylogger feature of mspy and recording feature of flexispy. Pls help…its very urgent… Thanks Sonia

    • I have not done this myself – but others have commented that they have and it works. It seems a bit like overkill to me but I see no reason why it would not work. I would install one first and make sure it is working well before adding the other.

  43. Hi Mr Michael Keenan,
    I really need your help.
    Does flexispy require a rooted android phone to monitor the whatsapp messages.
    I really need to know before purcahsing..[lease

    • Yes – any of the programs need to have Root access (Rooting Android) to monitor third party apps like WhatsApp. Rooting is not needed for all features – mainly just monitoring chat/messenger type apps. Check out my guide about it – it is pretty easy.

      • Hi Micheal Keenan please tell me if flexi spy software is visible on home screen?Or is it visible on software installed?. Can the person uninstall flexi spy through the installed apps? Does the phone rooted feels any different? I mean the applications. And how does the antivirus of the phone react with flexi spy

        • It is not visible in the homescreen or installed apps. A rooted device is not easy to spot although it is possible with root checker apps. Antivirus apps will not flag the software. Good questions – thank you.

    • No, it uses the target phone microphone. Not sure how big an issue that would be though – who keeps their phone on mute, other than for very short periods?

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