Mobile Spy, Flexispy and Stealth Genie – a Comparison of Spy Phone Software Apps

Buying spy phone software applications can be a little confusing so I wanted to do a comparison review of the three top programs. Hopefully this will make things a little clearer and help you to choose the best option for your circumstances. Be sure to check out the comparison chart below.

Updated October 2014!

IMPORTANT – Stealthgenie has been suspended at least for the time being, due to a legal case. It is not available for sale.

What’s Wrong with Online Reviews?

You know what I hate about most reviews online? So often they just regurgitate the marketing material already on the actualspy software comparison review company website. I have been guilty of this in the past myself and to be fair it is difficult sometimes to provide a unique perspective. For this  series of articles I am trying a different approach to help you decide which spy software program is best for your needs. I have written three separate reviews – FlexispyMobile Spy … and Stealth Genie – and then added a comparison review here to try to break it down into the most important factors you need to consider before buying any software.

Some reviews can be simply X is better than Y because… But with cell phone spy software a straight comparison is not that simple. Each product has different features at different prices and with varying pricing plans – it is actually quite confusing at first.

These spy software companies package their services together in different ways, making a like for like comparison difficult. They overlap in many of the basic reporting features they provide but each still has a unique set of features and they sell them differently.

Take a look at the comparison chart I have created listing the most significant features for each cell phone spy package. I have compared the top level software for each product to try to keep the comparison fair. Each package reviewed is the company’s most expensive option.

The chart has been modified to reflect recent changes with the different programs including the StealthGenie update.

Comparison Chart – Flexispy, Mobile Spy and StealthGenie


Features Comparison Chart

Mobile Spy Live
Control Panel
Stealth Genie
Live Call Intercept
Record Calls
Record Surroundings
GPS Tracking
Location Tracking
Text and Email Logs
Call History Logs
Photo and Video Logs
Contacts List
Visited Website Logs
Remote Phone Locking
Remote Wipe Data
SIM Change Alert
Reports by Email
Visit SiteVisit SiteVisit Site

Note: for clarification on the features above you can refer back to my individual reviews or check out the company websites at the links provided.

Decision Time

Hopefully you now have a clearer view of what each of the spy software apps provide in terms of features and reporting. Now it’s important to consider some other factors about the software providers. You are making an investment of your own cash and should try to spend your money wisely and safely. I have rated the companies based on my experience of using the products and my overall impression of the services and support they offer. This is my opinion, but I hope it will give you some guidance and of course you should check out as much as possible for yourself before buying.

My Ratings - Cell Phone Spy Software

Mobile Spy Live
Control Panel
Stealth Genie
Supported Phonesflexispy5-starmobile spy5-starstealthgenie5-star
Help and Support5-star5-star4-star
Value for Moneyflexispy5-starflexispy5-starflexispy5-star
Overall Ratingflexispy5-star4-star4-star
Buy Now ButtonBuy Now ButtonBuy Now Button


Flexispy – Top of my Chart.

They are currently the ONLY company offering advanced features such as Call Listening and Call Recording. After the legal issues and closing of Stealthgenie several companies have changed the features they support – not Flexispy. Now they stand out as having the most advanced monitoring features.

The only downside is that these features come at a cost and are only available with their top end version FlexiSpy Extreme.

Flexispy only have annual subscriptions and are the most expensive for their Extreme package, but don’t ignore their standard version – it is competatively priced with more features than the rest – as long as you don’t need the call recording etc.

Taking everything into account Flexispy is now without question the most advanced in terms of features. It really depends on what you need to monitor – is it worth that extra cost? If you need call intercept, call recording, extra help setting up, long term monitoring or simply like to have the best, then it is the one to choose. If cost is a major issue, you will find the others offer more value for money.

Flexispy Pricing

Only available as a 12 month license, two versions available:

Flexispy Extreme        –  $349   includes free Password Cracker

Flexispy Premium       –  $149


Mobile Spy

Their support and information are good, they have short term contracts and the price is significantly cheaper than Flexispy. If you buy the annual packages you also get free Sniper Spy – which is actually great computer spy software, like Mobile Spy but for the PC. If you can live without some of the advanced features, then Mobile Spy is a great way to give phone monitoring software a try – from as little as $50 for three months.

I have found Mobile Spy to be an excellent product, not overly complicated but quietly does what it is supposed to.  Great value for money and a great way to start using this type of program.


Mobile Spy Prices

They offer prices based on the term and then have their Live Control Panel as an extra (this makes their features comparable to the others).

3 Months   –  $49.97

6 Months   –  $69.97

12 Months –  $99.97       includes free Sniper Spy PC software

12 Months with Live Control Panel  –  $129.97


StealthGenie- Not Available!

They have made great advances this year and look set to take top spot in the spy software market.

StealthGenie has continued to make great gains on the others with the introduction of support for the iPhone – iOS4, iOS5, iOS6 and iOS7 (the first to do this). You should check out my StealthGenie update and also have a look at Jailbreaking an iPhone. They also released a version to support Android OS4 – another first!

Let’s be clear here this software has some very unique features which the others haven’t thought about so far. They have some great tracking features cleverly designed to monitor children or employees, I give more details in my main review.

Previously my main reason for holding back a little in recommending them was simply their lack of track record – as a relatively young company. This has turned out to be exactly why they are gaining in popularity. They are actively developing their products and have been much more innovative than the older companies. They are leading the way in terms of development at the moment.

Add to that the best looking and organized website of the three! If you have a phone they support, want to try a unique product and make use of their advanced tracking then they are worth looking at. The Buzz around Stealthgenie is definitely growing and they have overtaken the others in sales on this site.


StealthGenie Pricing

StealthGenie have the most flexible pricing terms. You can choose from three packages (two for the iPhone) based on the features you need and you can choose each of these over 3 months, 6 months or a year. Figures below are for 12 months:

StealthGenie Basic          –  $99.99

StealthGenie Gold           –  $159.99

StealthGenie Platinum     –  $199.99

Their cheapest option is 3 month Basic at $59.99


That’s about it for now. I hope you have a better idea of what these spy phone software apps can do and are ready to take the plunge. These three programs are from decent companies – they all work well and your money will be safe. Be sure to read the associated articles on my site and then get started. Keep an eye on FlexiSpy Software – I think they are winning the race at the moment!

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8 Responses to Mobile Spy, Flexispy and Stealth Genie – a Comparison of Spy Phone Software Apps

  1. Latonya April 22, 2014 at 10:51 pm #

    Do you think Stealth Genie Gold will live up to your rating of Stealth Genie Platinum? I’m asking because Platinum is a little steep for me right now. Please respond, your input is greatly appreciated. I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Keenan April 24, 2014 at 11:42 am #

      It really depends on what you want to monitor – check the differences in what can be monitored with both versions to be sure. Call recording is the big one – if you don’t need that then the gold version might be all you need.

  2. apolonia July 18, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

    I have a question…. does mobile spy just show you the numbers /individuals that the person sends or receives texts from? Or, can you actually view the content of the text messages sent and received

    • Michael Keenan July 29, 2014 at 6:41 pm #

      They all show the actual contents of the text – you can read it! Details of times and sender information are also recorded.

  3. concerned1 August 15, 2014 at 5:11 pm #

    Hi there love your info thanks for sharing. Do they intercept facebook messages and messenger without rooting? I need something that captures facebook messengers, sms and phone records (not live recording)


    • Michael Keenan September 1, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

      Android devices need to be rooted for Facebook monitoring to work – no way around it I’m afraid.

  4. Mike August 23, 2014 at 10:18 pm #


    Will mobilespy not only show the phone numbers the text messages are coming to and from, but also what the text messages say?

    • Michael Keenan September 1, 2014 at 3:58 pm #

      They will all show the actual contents of the text messages – as well as timestamps and numbers etc. This is a basic feature for all the main programs.

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