Recommended iPhone Spy Software Apps

Until quite recently you would have had limited options in choosing iPhone spy software apps. Cell phone spy software was first developed for use on Android and Blackberry Smartphones, as these were the easiest in terms of software development. Now you can choose from the best spy software programs as they offer support for the iPhone.

The three top programs that I keep banging on about, Mobile Spy, Flexispy and mSpy (you can read their full reviews at these links) – all offer some great features for iPhone users.

Now you can choose the spy software to suit what you actually need – perhaps you are a worried parent looking for parental controls for cell phones or you are worried about your employees on FaceBook. As always there is no best iPhone spy app, just one that is best for you!

Spy Software for Monitoring an iPhone

Things are a little different and there are certain limitations with monitoring the iPhone. Thanks to Apple and their “exclusive” approach to operating systems, noiPhone spy software matter which software program you choose you will first need to jailbreak your iPhone before installing any spy software.

Jail breaking an iPhone isn’t as serious as it sounds and I have written a simple guide explaining what it is and how to do it, just click the link to read it. The important thing to remember is that you must first jailbreak an iPhone before you can install any software on it – unless that software is provided by Apple.

The other important thing to remember is that the software you choose will be designed for a specific OS version (operating system). You must match your spy download to the OS version you are currently using. Bear in mind that things keep changing – think of it like a competition – Apple keep updating the OS versions, a new jailbreak is then developed and then the spy software is updated to work on the latest OS.

It sounds a little complicated but don’t worry too much, just make sure you choose your software download to suit your current OS version and remember not to automatically upgrade with Apple.

So now you know that you need to jailbreak your phone and you understand a little about the different OS versions – now you just need to find spy software to suit your needs.

Let’s have a look at the top three and how they match up for monitoring the iPhone. They all offer a similar range of features that are available for the other supported Smartphones.

StealthGenie for the iPhone

Unfortunately StealthGenie is no longer available – You will need to look at my other reviewed products below.

Until early in 2012 StealthGenie only offered support for BlackBerry and Android devices. Big changes came quickly and now they are competing at the top end of the market with full support for the iPhone up to OS 6. They offer two packages for the iPhone depending on your needs – Basic or Gold.

The Gold version is more expensive but of course has more available features including: reading e-mails, view photos, backup and delete sensitive data, Sim change notification and call alerts. New features for the iPhone include – Record phone surroundings, monitor Gmail accounts, monitor iMessage and WhatsApp instant messenger apps.

Remember to check out my StealthGenie review for more details. Whether you go for the basic option or the Gold option really just depends on the level of monitoring you require and how much you want to spend.

Support – all versions including iOS 6


Basic package  – $8 per month or $99.99 for the full year.
Gold package   – $13 per month or $159.99 for the full year.

Mobile Spy for the Apple iPhone

I think Mobile Spy were the first company to offer spy software for the iPhone and they are still at the forefront with support up to iOS 7. Each new version is pretty quickly supported – the Jailbreak versions are usually what can slow Apple iPhone spy appsthings down.

Mobile spy may not have just as many fancy features of the other two, but they are by far the best selling spy software program, although StealthGenie are catching up. Mobile spy is a solid, dependable, well supported program and it offers great value for money.

Mobile spy update – they recently revamped their site and released version 7.0 mobile spy. The extra features also include their iPhone version – read Gmail, You-tube monitoring, Facebook messenger logs, WhatsApp messenger logs and remote uninstall.

Mobile spy also have a feature where you can hide the Cydia app logo – which is very handy. They keep moving forward and developing their products which is very important in the spy phone software business. Another great innovation is the release of Peek Tab – an app for monitoring tablets including the iPad – I’ll cover that in another post soon.

Support – all versions including iOS 7+


$49.97 for three months
$99.97 for 12 months
$129.97 for 12 months with live Control Panel – fully featured.

With any of the year-long subscriptions you also get free SniperSpy – their PC monitoring software.

Flexispy for the iPhone

As you would expect from Flexispy, the Ferrari of the spy software market, they also offer full support for the iPhone up to OS 7.1.2. Their iPhone version offers all the features available for the other smart phones including live Spy Call – where you can listen in to a live conversation and call recording – the only company with these features!

They also have the hide Cydia feature and as always with Flexispy everything works and they offer first-class support and a no quibble ten-day money back guarantee.

There is however a downside with Flexispy – they are expensive (for the Extreme version). Be sure to check out my full Flexispy review for the details.

They offer two versions – Flexispy Premium and Flexispy Extreme.


Both products are for one year
Flexispy Extreme        – $349
Flexispy Premium      – $149

It All Depends What You Want to Do

These three iPhone spy software apps aren’t the only ones available, but in my experience they are the most reliable and you can be sure you will not be ripped off. Each one has unique aspects such as the live spy call feature with Flexispy Extreme, Mobile Spy’s value for money and StealthGenie’s cool tracking features – I really can’t tell you which one to buy.

Be sure to read the full reviews I have written on each of these products and then choose the program that will work on your phone, suit your budget and offer the reporting you need – easy!


Have you thought about using Remote Install Cell Spy Software? – read this post to find out why this is a very bad idea!


4 Responses to Recommended iPhone Spy Software Apps

  1. tworon June 2, 2015 at 2:20 pm #

    does the target iPhone also have to be jailbroken?

    • Michael Keenan June 7, 2015 at 8:20 pm #

      You are a little mixed up – Only the target phone matters and yes it must be jailbroken for regular spy software to be installed. Have a good read around the site – lots of information explaining stuff, and the comments often help too. Good luck.

  2. haley June 30, 2015 at 3:34 am #

    If a phone is jail broke will the user know?? Which would raise their suspicion as to who jail broke their phone and why

    • Michael Keenan July 4, 2015 at 11:37 am #

      There are ways to spot if the device has been jailbroken but there are also ways to hide this. Some products such as Flexispy can help with this and allow you to choose to hide Cydia. Check through my Jailbreaking articles for more about this.

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